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Aellon Technology delivers efficient custom ECommerce store development services along with a huge list of offerings including extensions development, theme customization and maintenance services.

Mobile App Development

We have a team of experts in latest platforms such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile platform. From simple application and websites to pioneer projects we help you to turn your vision in mobility world.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is to facilitate website pages to display pertinent information in a way that attracts and holds users to the Page.Whether you are running a huge business or starting up with the online market..

Open Source customization

Open Source customization is a code/application developed by an open community and which provides total accessibility or ownership to a code of the product. Most of them allow the flexibility to customise.


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Add “Home” link in Magento top navigation menu

Thousands of teenagers across the UK will have school lessons in mindfulness in an experiment designed to see if it can protect against mental illness.

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How to clone/copy magento website:

Follow these several step to clone/copy your magento website and install into your local server: Step 1: Backup the Magento MySQL Database: On SiteGround servers you have phpMyAdmin included by default in cPanel for your account. In other cases you will have to use the same tool or a similar one that is capable of […]

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how to Magneto 2 installation
Download magento 2.0 (built using Composer) from put into  magento installation  directory 1) Head over to browser now and go to the url : http://localhost/magento2 You should be able to seen this screen 2) 1. Click on “Agree and Setup Magento”. 3) Now Magento 2 will check your environment for readiness for the setup. Click [...]
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MAGNETO 2 Installation and features
The new version of Magento, released on November 17, is above all fast(er). This was the first thing we noticed when we tested it. The second was the new admin UI, which is now much simpler and easier to use, adopting a simplified interface that reminds us of OpenCart and Prestashop Magento 2 will include [...]
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